Amazon Audible Review: Is Audible worth it? Honest Review

Are you looking for an honest Amazon Audible Review?

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By the end of this article, you will know whether you should invest in Audible membership or not.

If you book lover and like to read but are always short of time, then Audible is the best option. You can now listen to your favorite book.

Amazon Audible Review: Is Audible worth it? Honest Review

In this review, you will discover that:

  • How you can learn more in less time.
  • Why you should join Audible if you don’t have time to read.
  • How to save money on books

What is Audible?

Audible is a subscription-based audiobook service with 200000 audiobooks in various categories. Audiobooks of bestselling books from Indian and International authors are available.
Amazon is the biggest bookseller, and now they are providing audiobooks for thousands of popular books.

Benefits of Subscription:

  • On subscribing to Amazon audible, you will get thousands of audiobooks.
  • As an Audible member, you get bonuses and perks from Amazon.
  • You will save thousands of money on books
  • Audiobook will be with you forever.

How Does Audible Work?

Audible membership starts with a 30-day free trial. You have to pay 2 Rs initially to start your 30-day free trial. This 2 Rs is a test charge to authenticate the refundable payment method.

On Subscribing, you will get:

  • 1 Credit point which you can use to buy an audiobook.
  • Free exchange your audiobook.
  • 30% off on additional purchases
  • Keep your audiobook forever

You can enjoy your 1-month free Audible subscription, and if you don’t like it, you can cancel the subscription before the trial period. There will not be any charges to cancel the subscription.

You can keep your audiobooks with you after canceling your subscription.

If you like Audible and decide to continue with the subscription, you will be charged the subscription amount after 30 days.

Every month you will get 1 credit in your account, you can use for buying audiobook.

Audible Free Trial

For any app or service, if a free trial is available, in my opinion, you should use it to get an idea.

You have the choice to cancel it at any time.

If you don’t want to continue the subscription, you will also get 1 audiobook for free. You can get your audiobook and cancel the subscription.

Who doesn’t want an audiobook absolutely for free?

I highly recommend you give it a try because you are not going to lose anything.

Get Free Audobook with free 30 day trial


Tips: Subscribe now because you will get a change to get another audiobook for free.

Audible India Subscription Charges

  • Amazon Normal member – 30 days free trial
  • Amazon Prime members – 90 days free trial

1 credit every month, so for normal members 1 free audiobook and Prime member 3 audiobook free audiobook.

After 30 days free trial, you will be charged a nominal of 199/- per month subscription with 1 credit each month.

If you don’t like the audiobook?

There is a return and exchange service, so you can return your audiobook and get your credit back or exchange it with another audiobook at any point in time.

Amazon is a worldwide trusted brand, so that you can rely on its services.

Make sure that you exchange or return your audiobook before the trial period.

The book you purchase from Audible will always be with you even if you cancel your subscription before the trial.

I highly recommend you to try Audible once. You are going to love this experience. If you don’t like it, then you can cancel it before 30 days.


Top 5 Reasons to Subscribe to Audible

Not like reading Audible is the best option for those who don’t like reading. Instead of reading a book, you can listen to the book. For all the years you thought of reading books, you have never started reading due to your less interest in reading. But Audible will solve your problem, and you will get all the knowledge of amazing books just by listening.

1. Exchange offers

Amazon is providing an exchange offer with audible services. If you don’t like the book after reading few pages, then you can exchange your audiobook.

2. Book Readers love this.

If you love reading books and are a serious book reader, then you are going to love audible. Why? Because you can listen to your book while you are driving, running or cooking. You can continue with reading from the book where you stopped. There is no pause on reading whatever you are doing. Even at night-time without light also you can listen to your book.

3. Audible offers

The audible offer is awesome. You will get 1 free audiobook for free. You are paying 199/- month, and every month, you are getting 1 free audiobook is a great offer. If you buy a hard copy of the book, you will pay more than 199/- for a single book. Paperback or Hardcopy books are not cheap. Also times, they will extend the trial period for 1 more month. So you will get 1 extra credit to your account.

4. Huge Audible library

Amazon Audible has a huge library of 20000 books of Indian and international authors. You will get books in almost all the categories: friction, Non-friction, health and wellness, money and finance, Literature. Whatever category you think about, all the audiobooks are available.

5. Free trial

Free trial is the beginning of a great experience. This free trial is a great opportunity for everyone. Without wasting time, you should grab this offer. We don’t know when this free trial will stop.
You can subscribe for a free trial and explore the audible and see how it works, and it is helpful for you or not. If you like, then continue the subscription. If not, then you can cancel it.

Keep audiobook forever

you can keep the audiobooks with you forever. Even after canceling your subscription, you can keep the audiobook with you. That’s a great offer. So if you continue the subscription, then you will get 12 books for free in a year.

Mobile App

There is a mobile app available for Audible. You can install the app on your mobile and enjoy the audiobooks on the go. Whether you are traveling, walking, or cooking, you can listen to your favorite audiobook.

audible app for Android

Cheap Subscription price

Amazon Audible subscription fee is reasonable, just 199 per month. If you buy a hard copy of any good book, you will not get in less than 200.

A monthly subscription of 199/- is an affordable amount for everyone.

Different options to listen to audiobooks

Can you listen to audiobooks anywhere you want?

The best part is that it can listen at your home doing some other work. So you can do multitasking by listening to audiobooks during your household work.

The audiobook can be downloaded on mobile or computer and transfer to other devices. So if there is no internet, then also you can play your audiobook.

Now there are many devices available for listening to music.


How to cancel an audible membership?

Before canceling an audible subscription, you need to make sure no credit is available in your account. If any credit is available, then take an audiobook from that. After canceling the subscription also you can keep all your audiobooks and can access them anytime.
To cancel a subscription, you have to log in to your audible account and go to the Account Details page. Here you can see the Cancel Membership, click on that and follow the process.

Is audible free with Amazon Prime?

Audible is not free with Amazon Prime, but if you are an Amazon Prime member, you will get the first 90 days of subscribing for free after that 199 per month.

How much audible cost in India?

In India, audible cost in India is 199 per month after 1 month of free trial if you are a prime member, then 3 months of free trial after that 199 per month.

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