10 Types of Mixer Grinder blades & their uses

The mixer grinder has become an essential tool in today’s fast-paced kitchens, offering a wide range of capabilities. Among its key components, the blade takes center stage, enabling efficient grinding, blending, and mixing of ingredients.

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To truly master the art of using a mixer grinder, it is important to familiarize oneself with the various types of blades and their versatile uses. In this detailed guide, we will delve into the world of mixer grinder blades, uncovering their unique characteristics and practical applications.

Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to unlock the full potential of your mixer grinder and elevate your culinary expertise.

Different types of mixer grinder blades

Tips to select right mixer grinder blade

1. Explore the functionality: Take into account the specific tasks you want to accomplish and the capabilities of the mixer blades. This will help you find the perfect match for your needs.

2. Prioritize material and durability: Opt for top-notch blades that are made from high-quality materials. This ensures that they will last longer and deliver exceptional performance throughout their lifespan.

3. Find the right size and capacity: Make sure the blades you choose are compatible with your mixer grinder in terms of size and capacity. This will guarantee a seamless fit and optimal functionality.

4. Seek customer reviews: Dive into the world of customer reviews to gain insights into the performance and satisfaction levels of different blades. This research will assist you in making an informed decision and selecting the best option for your mixing needs.

Image Source: www.kitchenarena.in

Different types of mixer grinder blades

Here is the list of Mixer Grinder Blade Types that are used to grind ingridients to make a chutney, spices and smooth paste:

1. Chutney blade

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The chutney blade, as the name implies, is specifically designed for use in the chutney jar. Most mixer grinders on the market are equipped with a two-prong blade that covers the entire surface of the jar.

These blades are flat in shape and ideally should be positioned close to the bottom for optimal grinding. However, there are certain models that come with a chutney blade featuring zig-zag edges. In our tests, we found that these blades did not offer any advantages over the ones with straight edges.

Instead, what we discovered is that the blades should cover the entire surface and be positioned close to the base in order to achieve better performance. Chutney blades are not only useful for grinding chutney, but they are also excellent for powdering spices in smaller quantities.

2. Wet Grinding Blade

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These specific mixer blade variants are crafted to effectively handle the task of wet ingredients. Whether it involves creating a velvety paste for curries or grinding soaked rice for batter, the wet grinding blades demonstrate exceptional prowess in managing moisture content.

Their distinct design guarantees efficient grinding, making them an indispensable addition to any culinary space.

These blades are highly efficient in grinding the idli-dosa batter, preparing curry paste, and even blending milkshakes and smoothies.

3. Whisking Blade

The inclusion of a whisking blade is not a feature that every brand provides with their mixer grinder. Typically, it is considered an attachment that is commonly found in food processors. However, we were able to discover that the Sujata Dynamix mixer grinder does offer this feature. The whisking blade can be affixed to the wet grinding jar and is suitable for whisking buttermilk, whipping cream, and egg whites.

It is important to note that the blade is positioned slightly above the bottom of the jar. Therefore, it may be necessary to pour at least 2-3 egg whites into the jar in order for the blade to come into contact with the egg white.

4. Chopping Blade

An extra chopping/mincing blade is included with the Sujata Dynamix and specific Preethi models. These blades can be connected to either the wet grinding jar or the multipurpose jar, depending on which one has a detachable blade.

They are designed for mincing meat and chopping vegetables such as onion, carrot, cucumber, etc., into a coarse texture. However, it is important to note that the ingredients should be cut into smaller pieces measuring 1-3 inches in size.

5. Mincing Blades

The mincing blade is a valuable tool that makes the tedious task of chopping and mincing vegetables, meat, and nuts much easier. With its circular arrangement of small, sharp blades, this blade effortlessly turns your ingredients into finely chopped pieces.

Whether you’re making meatballs, burger patties, or delicious nut-based toppings, the mincing blade saves you time and effort while guaranteeing consistent results.

6. Kneading Blade

The kneading blade is an integral component of the food processing unit found in numerous mixer grinders. Crafted from plastic, its purpose is to effectively knead dough.

The design of this blade remains consistent across various food processing units. Regrettably, due to its plastic composition, numerous users have expressed concerns regarding its durability.

7. Extraction Blade

In juicer mixer grinders, extraction blades are commonly located within the mesh filter. But in the case of Preethi Zodiac, the 3-in-1 insta-juicer jar stands out with its dual sets of blades, one of which is specifically designed for extraction.

This unique feature allows for effortlessly grinding fruits and vegetables into an incredibly smooth consistency, ensuring maximum juice extraction. To further enhance the juicing process, the juice is then filtered through a cylindrical sieve that encloses the blade, effectively separating the juice from any unwanted pulp.

8. Slicing and Shredding Blades

Experience the ultimate convenience in vegetable preparation with our slicing and shredding blade. With its razor-sharp and slender blades, this multifunctional attachment effortlessly slices and shreds vegetables with utmost ease and accuracy.

Whether you’re crafting refreshing salads, making colorful coleslaw, or aiming for stunningly garnished plates, our slicing and shredding blade guarantees consistent results, enhancing both the visual appeal and texture of your culinary masterpiece.

9. Whipping Blades

Elevate your baking game with the whipping blade, a true game-changer. Its innovative design, consisting of delicate wires or tines, effortlessly infuses air into your mixtures, giving them a heavenly lightness.

Whether you’re aiming for flawlessly whisked eggs, velvety whipped cream, or a delectably airy cake batter, the whipping blade is your secret weapon to transform your culinary aspirations into mouthwatering reality.

10. Pounding Blade

We’ve had the opportunity to test out the pounding blades from Bosch, and let me tell you, they are quite impressive. These blades, with their four-prong edges, are specifically designed for grinding garam masala, sambar masala, and other spices.

When we used the regular blades to grind garam masala, we only ended up with a teaspoon of coarse residue after sieving. However, when we switched to the pounding blades, we were left with a whopping three tablespoons of coarse residue after sieving.

Mixer Grinder Blade Uses

1. Wet Grinding Blade – Unleash the power of the wet grinding blade, specially crafted to effortlessly grind soaked lentils, rice, and coconut. With its wide, flat design and razor-sharp edges, it guarantees a seamless blending experience, creating velvety batters, luscious pastes, and tantalizing chutneys.

Embark on a culinary adventure and unlock the secrets of crafting authentic dosa batters, delectable coconut chutneys, and irresistible lentil-based recipes with this remarkable blade.

2. Dry Grinding Blade – Version 1: Discover the wonders of the dry grinding blade! This versatile tool is perfect for grinding dry spices, coffee beans, and grains to perfection. With its compact size and unique curved shape, it effortlessly creates both fine powders and coarse textures.

Unleash your culinary creativity by learning how to craft your own spice blends, brew aromatic freshly ground coffee, and explore the world of whole grains to elevate the flavors and aromas of your dishes. Get ready to take your cooking to the next level.

3. Whipping Blade – Version 1: Whip it, whisk it, and create magic in your kitchen with the incredible whipping blade! This specially designed blade is a master at beating and whisking ingredients, infusing them with air and transforming them into fluffy, airy textures.

Whether you want to whip eggs for a heavenly omelet, whip up some luscious cream for your favorite desserts, or achieve the perfect batter consistency for cakes and pastries, this blade is your secret weapon. Get ready to elevate your culinary creations to a whole new level of deliciousness.

4. Slicing and Shredding Blade – Version 1: Discover the incredible precision of the slicing and shredding blade, which effortlessly cuts through vegetables to create perfectly uniform slices or shreds of any thickness you desire.

Unleash your creativity by using it to craft vibrant salads, whip up delicious coleslaw, or add stunning garnishes to elevate your culinary masterpieces.

5. Mincing Blade – Discover the incredible power of the mincing blade! With its razor-sharp blades strategically arranged in a circular pattern, this kitchen tool is a true champion when it comes to chopping and mincing vegetables, meat, and nuts. Say goodbye to tedious ingredient preparation as this blade effortlessly transforms your ingredients into perfectly minced goodness.

From mouthwatering meatballs and juicy burgers to delectable nut-based toppings, this handy tool will save you precious time and effort in the kitchen. Get ready to elevate your culinary creations to a whole new level.

6. Chutney Blade – Unleash your culinary creativity with the chutney blade, specially crafted to effortlessly grind herbs, spices, and condiments in small quantities. Its compact size and razor-sharp edges guarantee impeccable precision, enabling you to concoct delectable chutneys, dips, and sauces bursting with flavor.

Embark on a tantalizing journey through the realm of chutneys, where you’ll uncover a myriad of thrilling combinations to perfectly enhance your beloved dishes.


1. What are the 3 jars in mixer grinder?

The three jars provided with mixer grinder are Chutney jar, Wet Grinding Jar and Dry grinding Jar.

2. Which blade to use for dosa batter?

Wet Grinding blade is used for dosa batter.

3. Can we grind rice and urad dal together?

Yes we can grind rice and urad dal together for making idli batter.

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